"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" - Plato 

Serious games and simulations for effective learning
Whether you are facing a major transformation, setting up new teams or have established teams that seem to have become too set in their ways, it is time to run one or more game-based learning sessions. The shared understanding and inter-personal dynamics resulting from engaging in a well engineered gaming session not only delivers an immediate impact, they lay the basis for future business improvement. 

Game-based learning educates through experience rather than solely through study, providing a deeper understanding gained through risk-free experimentation, these are also referred to as edugames. The learning experience, being also entertaining, persists in the memory of the participants, often for many years. Physical game-based learning solutions add an extra layer of human interaction and sensory input, further extending the persistance of the experience.

Understanding and Insight concept image

GameChangingInsight™ brings an immersive, holistic experience to the participants, through which they understand a broad swathe of IT management and its challenges, dependencies and contribution within the larger organization. Our use of specially designed high quality serious games in support of training enables many parallel tracks to be covered simultaneously, fully contextualized by the game. These physical game-based learning solutions not only contextualize and reinforce understanding but also provide a vehicle for innovation and dynamic inter-personal interchange. There are three serious game solutions to choose from, covering IT management for the business, service and infrastructure perspective. Each solution, whilst a complete view in its own right, offers a complimentary understanding to the others and is obviously part of a single coherent universe.

Business value, cost drivers, practical strategy and smart KPIs form the central focus of the primary modules, which can be used with all of our game-based learning solutions. Secondary modules are available to investigate such varying subject matter as software licensing, infrastructure optimization, demand management, incident management, problem management and much more. Additional content can be incorporated into the modules to further customize the training to further align with the specific needs of each client.

Bespoke solutions development
We will create a solution designed to meet your specific needs.
You will receive the complete package
  • copies of your bespoke solution
  • one or more facilitated sessions
  • facilitator handbook with training
  • expert cards for your participants
  • access to support

Train the trainer
  • The concept of game-based learning and development.
  • The lessons contained in each game.
  • Adapting game-play.
  • Pre-session interview and preparation.
  • Training materials. 

Customization and Branding
  • Specially designed expansions to a ready made solution featuring your business value.
  • Modified decision options to reflect your business priorities and goals.
  • Modified graphic design to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Sponsorship of elements of a standard game.

Ready-to-learn solutions
We have solutions covering the three layers of IT; business, service and infrastructure, each specifically designed to reflect the decisions and challenges experienced in the IT industry.
Each solution package comprises the game with full instructions, introductory presentation and training support materials.

Serious game for IT service management


Serious game for IT demand management

Serious game for IT capacity management


Facilitated learning
Our solutions provide sufficient information to allow you to run your own sessions but if you prefer, a session facilitator can be provided to you. 

General sessions

  • Up to 24 participants per facilitator.
  • Session time 3-4 hours.
  • Optional post-session review workshop (1-2 hours).