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● Strategic thinking    ● Optimisation    ● Financial planning    ● Licensing strategies


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Component layer
Public cloud
Business value
Operating loss
OpEx (fees)
CapEx (cost)
Software Asset Management


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Info-graphic overview of the IT infrastructure layer

You are tasked to provide and manage the infrastructure needed to host a number of projects, which may generate income and business value for hosting their workloads. You are managing a small data centre and have access to a limited team of people. The end goal is to be the team that delivers the most business value.

Your data-centre
With the workforce at your disposal, you decide which projects to deploy and host. You must constantly strive to reduce the operating cost per unit of workload through careful management of the hardware, available resources and workload placement. You also have the option od deploying to the public cloud.

Your workforce
All teams start with a basic workforce but can increase their team by transferring people from other activities. This impacts your ability in these other activities but extends your scope for hosting projects.

Your capability
Your team can also develop its capabilities through technology, automation and training to help make your chosen strategy more effective.


Capacity Management

When looking at “DEPLOY!” in the context of the capacity management domain, the game is focused on the compute resources needed to support the IT services and the components needed to supply those resources. The game looks at optimization in terms of the distribution of workloads across the IT landscape, the impact on running costs through license considerations and the life-cycling of the supporting infrastructure.

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In the game, you use a series of actions to develop your server-room and personnel so that you can deploy projects to build up funding and business value. 




IT Capacity management with DEPLOY!


The company you work for has started on an ambitious modernisation and expansion strategy, focusing heavily on replacing their outdated IT systems. A large number of projects have been created by the powers that be. Some of them could help to fund your department; others will add real business value to the company but may not help so much in your running costs. But it’s all about the business value at the end of the day and you know the current IT Manager will not be with the company much longer and are out to prove yourself a worthy successor.

So, you need to generate more business value from the projects than the other contenders for the IT manager position. Each project needs components (databases and stuff) which, in turn, need capacity from servers either in your own data-centre or in the cloud. You already have staff but they are mostly working on other activities so you will need to re-assign some of them when you can afford it. You don’t have any spare capacity so you’ll need to add some and keep it optimised so you don’t waste money.

Finally, the company will not let just anyone run their projects, especially the really important ones. So, you have to build up the technical knowledge and experience of your team to show you can be trusted with the company’s future.



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Variable player powers

You can dock up to 3 Skills & Tech tiles to your player board. These tiles can change the ability of your project team, achieve additional bonuses or increase your income.  The game offers a selection of 8 Skills and 9 Technologies, so each player can create a configuration that best suits their chosen strategy.
Player board from DEPLOY!


Extra workers and Worker placement

You start the game with 5 extra workers that can be added to your projects team to allow more work to be done and/or bonuses gained. Each round you can add up to two of these extra workers to your team. These can be placed onto a bonus spot on the main board or left in the office area next to the roundel to support in any action. Once used, the extra workers go to the coffee room and wait for the next round.