DEPLOY! - The Card Game


Process: Capacity Management
Focus: Component capacity management
Manage your data-centre, your skills and technology to deploy the most valuable projects
DEPLOY!  the card game, is a strategic game of optimization and set collection for 1-2 players














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In the game, you use a series of actions to develop your server-room and deploy projects to build up funding and business value. This is a great stand-alone game that can also be used as an introduction to the more challenging DEPLOY! board game. 




In the game, you will be adding and removing capacity from your play area (server room) in order that you can support the demand needed to deploy projects and gain business value.

The game uses cards which can be played in either of two orientations to represent capacity or workload needed to run a project. Capacity can later be removed from play and workload can be moved around.


At the beginning of each round you reset your available resources by taking tokens from your resource pool and placing them in front of you. As resources are used, they are moved back to the resource pool.

You can supply capacity in 4 different ways; 3 different pools in your server-room or through the cloud. Each way of supplying capacity reflects a different licensing (cost) model. Your projects generate income and may deliver business value at the end of the game. Your capacity may also have a running cost. Income and costs are evaluated at the beginning of the round and used to adjust the number of resources that you have available for the round.


At the end of the game, additional business value is earned for cards deployed or moved to the cloud.


The goal of the game is to achieve the most business value.